30 September 2009

Clonakilla 2008 Hilltops Shiraz

I. Like. Big. Reds...and I cannot lie. And you really can't deny that this one is a stonker.

The colour is deep. The aroma is intoxicating. And the drinking is a heady eruption of big, peppery meatiness and warmth. It's long. Strong. And down to get the friction on.

At $25, it gives you a great big bang for your buck and I guarantee you'll be smacking your lips and pouring your second and third glasses in no time.

It is more casual than its two bigger brothers, and that's fine. Sometimes, it's exciting to dress up in a dinner suit - other times, it's more enjoyable to put on your best thongs and just have a BBQ.

Ridiculously good.

Rating: 9
Drink with: a knife and fork
Price: $25

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