08 September 2011

Rosemount 2009 Diamond Label Sauvignon Blanc

This week's review is dedicated to the letter "Y".

Well, not the letter so much as the question.

Why would you bother buying it? Why would you bring it to my house? Why am I wasting my time writing about it?

This is, to me, an insipid, gormless, and pointless wine. It has so little taste and substance, it might as well be tapwater.  It's not even strong enough to get you drunk and dull your tastebuds.

This is wine for lazy, follow-the-leader types.

For the kind of people who think it's clever to put stick figure drawings of their families in the rear window of their cars. And who mistakenly believe that the rest of us give a toss.

For people who think it's acceptable to put ice cubes in their wine.

For people who have given up, or who by all rights should.

For the English.

I think I once had a nice Rosemount wine. Sadly, this was not one of them.

You can do better.  And so can they.

Rating: 5
Drink with: Sorry, but I've got nothing
Price: $10.99


  1. If that's the review for a 5/10 wine, I pity the fool who makes a wine you really don't like...

  2. I want to know who brought it to your house

  3. Nah, the wine was great........It's just the stick figure stickers I hate.

    And the culprit was a family member - not necessarily mine - who has now been suitably schooled.


  4. I don't get the stick figure thing either Tim, but thanks for letting me know it isn't just an issue isolated to Adelaide. :(

    Gormless is one of my favourite words by the way (blogger's telling me it isn't a word here :/ ). If I'm correct; 'lacking intelligence, but also lacking the will or capacity to do anything about it.' Excellent stuff TC. :)

  5. For the English? Yeh you're probably right

  6. It's ok Stu, I'm half English...so I think I can get away with it.

    Plus I had an English mate in London who used to buy it all the time from Waitrose - just to annoy me I suspect :)