11 August 2011

Torbreck 2007 The Steading GSM

By all accounts, the collapse of society as we know it is imminent.

The world seems to have finally come to the realisation (for the second time) that our financial system is potentially just one massive Ponzi scheme built on nothing more than make-believe money and a steaming pile of bankers’ bullshit.

And then there is London, where the degeneration of social order has plumbed even greater depths, with the streets on fire and young men in hoodies eagerly engaging in a spot of heavily discounted late-night shopping.

All of this goes to show two things: firstly, that The Kaiser Chiefs are very good at predicting current events, and, secondly, that the stability of our comfortably civilised society is in fact perilously balanced on the knife edge of calamity.

The only sensible solution I can come up with in the face of the arriving apocalypse is to sit down and have a good drink. And so I shall.

Torbreck’s “The Steading” is that most classic of Barossan blends, a GSM. 60% grenache, 20% shiraz, 20% mataro. 100% yummy.

What I love about GSM, and The Steading is no exception here, is that it is invariably just such an enjoyable, easy-drinking drop. It smells like a party and tastes like purple.

It’s warm and ripe and full of fruity, spicy flavour; but it’s also soft and round and smooth. And while it lingers pleasingly in your mouth, there’s no burn or tannic pucker to speak of at all (despite a big 15.3% dollop of alcohol).

This is the sort of wine you can drink just to have a drink, but equally, it would be more than a match for a Sunday roast or a dirty great ball of rib-eye steak.

Drink it to warm up, or just to chill out. On a Sunday, or on a Monday. Any which way you pour it, if you’re pouring me a glass, I’ll be in there like swimwear.

And no, I don’t know what a “steading” is either.

Rating: 8.5
Drink with: Your stockbroker (your shout; he won’t be able to afford it)
Price: $35



  1. "Steading" is the Scottish term for the barns, stables, and other outbuildings that you'd find on a Highland farm. I guess it could also be thought of as a compound or an estate, all equally appropriate spots in which to hunker down amid the ominous events foist upon us this week by the politicians, financial powers-that-be, and assorted hoodlums and hooligans, all seemingly doing their best to make life difficult for the rest of us.

    It's been my experience that the easy-drinking nature of the Torbreck Steading belies its aging ability. While the 2007 is on the precocious side compared to vintages such as 2005 and 2006 (1999 and 2001 are also extraordinarily ageworthy if you can find them), it'll evolve really nicely for another 5-7 years. The "I'm drinking purple" sensation will probably morph to a more savory impression of purple, but the texture should remain pretty silky and lustrous for as long as you've got patience to leave it in the cellar.

    Then again, why defer the pleasure? The vinous inspiration inherent in the 07 Steading should go far in keeping your spirits up while the world sorts itself out.

  2. That'll do the job nicely.... will track it down

    As shops were being pillaged on Monday, I found salvation in the same grapes with the Perrin "le Grand Prebois" also a GSM. Very easy drinking, lighter and a couple of points lower on the percentage.

    In fact I better get on with draining a few more to arm up for the weekend.

    As a result it yielded 2 bottles (empty) to use as ammo should the front door cave in.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up Dan!

    Have another couple laid down for future years...


  4. Good luck with the looters Greg!

    Great (in a bad way) photo in the paper of that 11 yr old Manc kid running out of Oddbins with a bottle of Savvy...!