24 February 2011

Open That Bottle Night - Sat, 26 February


Fantastic concept this.

Essentially, the idea is to encourage us all to get around to opening that special bottle of wine which has been hiding in the bottom of the cellar for years.

A great excuse to open (and appreciate) a great bottle of wine at the beginning of the evening.

I think it's a great idea as far too many of my "special" bottles are only ever foolishly opened at the end of a drunken evening, long after my taste-buds have left the building...

All aboard.


  1. so.... what did you drink ?

    No doubt you can improve on the somewhat tidy

    2008 Qupe Syrah Central Coast

    It needed time to open up but some nice blackcurrant, juniper and whitepepper flavours.

  2. Great idea - it is too easy to fall under the drunken host spell and pull out your fave for a salivating bunch of friends who have slightly overstayed their welcome.
    I wake up thinking "Why didn't we start at the top and work our way down?" instead of nervously eyeing a half-full goblet of Lakes Folly and weighing up whether they really need me at the office today.

  3. something nice from Cullen :)