04 March 2010

Brothers in Arms 2005 Langhorne Creek Shiraz

I admit it. I bought this because I love the Dire Straits song of the same name.

Having drunk it (well, some of it), I'm pretty miffed that I paid $35 for the bottle.

It's made by the Adams Family. In Langhorne Creek. I’m not sure if they have a Cousin Itt or whether he had any involvement in the making of this wine.

Smelt like dirt and went down rough. Very rough.

They describe the tannins as “approachable”. I'm sorry to say, but I’d have gone with “reproachable”.

Quite seriously, the only thing nastier than the taste is the price tag.

And so, by extensive experimentation, and in the interests of sharing the experience and saving you a few dollars, I’ve reverse engineered an analogous homebrew.

Roughly chop two fronds of rusted barbed wire. Combine with some freshly shredded shrapnel and give it a good pulse in the blender for a few minutes.

Stir in a finely chopped clove of thumb tacks. Season to taste with cayenne pepper, lighter fluid, and a good splash of Tabasco. Strain well.

Serves 4.

Rating: 4/10 (would have received an additional 1/2 point if it was 1/2 the price)
Drink with: Uncle Fester
Price: $35-$45
Image from visitvineyards.com

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  1. I shared this particular wine with friends on 3rd Jan 2013. Two properly cellared bottles were opened.

    Both bottles were similar and very good to drink. It had most of what I expect from Langhorne creek shiraz. The fruit was still noticable, Tanins under control and smooth enjoyable drinking experience.