22 October 2009

Ninth Island 2008 Pinot Noir

This week, we’re travelling south for a taste of the Tamar Valley in Tassie.

Now, as we know, Taswegians are best known for sleeping with their sisters, mass murder, and their contribution to anatomical cartography. But they also manage to make some pretty decent wines – the cooler climate lending itself to quality Pinots and Rieslings.

And the Ninth Island 2008 Pinot Noir is certainly a great little drop. Although, the label is perhaps a touch unfortunate – depicting, as it does, either the invasion of the First Fleet or a flotilla of asylum seekers.

Splashed in the glass, the colour is light and bright, and manages to show off a pleasing piece of leg.

The nose is interesting. To start with, it reeked of public swimming pool – of urine, cloaked in chlorine. Happily though, it soon settled down and opened up remarkably to display a wonderfully fragrant punnet of blueberry goodness.

When it hits your mouth, all your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade. A Turkish delight with a delicate dusting of icing sugar. Full. Smooth. Wonderful length, but uncomplicated and stunningly easy to drink.

Down a glass or two and a delicious warmth flows though you - like floating into Elysium on a parachute of heroin and diazepam.

At a shade over $30, it's spectacular value for a Pinot this good.

By design, it is not intended for lengthy cellaring – so drink it young. And drink it often.

Rating: 8
Drink with: Your best cousin
Price: $32

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